Custom Material Testing

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Disclaimer: Omachron Plastics Inc. reserves the right to decline custom material testing. All orders are assessed on a case-by-case basis. A full refund will be issued in the event of declined testing.

By purchasing this product you (the customer) agree to the following conditions

  1. You will supply us (Omachron Plastics Inc.) with sufficient material to enable us to test the material. A minimum of 55lbs is required with the potential that more may be required depending on the final application.

  2. You must supply us (Omachron Plastics Inc.) with both a Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before sending us any material. Any other documentation about the plastic material should also be sent if obtainable.

  3. You will pay for any and all shipping fees related to this material test. This includes shipment of raw material to and from our facility, and shipment of any product/s back to you resulting from the test.

  4. Any additional fees on top of the $250 non-refundable deposit must be paid in full prior to shipment of the final product.

  5. We will use reasonable efforts to form a product using the sample material that you provide. We do not provide any guarantee, including that we can form a product that meets your specifications if we have never tested the material sent to us by you. In the event we cannot form a product that meets your specifications, you will not be charged anything in addition to the $250 deposit.

  6. Omachron Plastics Inc. reserves the right to make a final judgement on the quality of a product formed by us. Products approved by us and sent out to you will be considered a final sale and are subject to our standard terms of sale. If you receive a product that you feel doesn’t meet expectations, you can request a full refund (minus $250) and return the product back to us for inspection.

  7. Additional testing refers to any testing above the 2-hour testing deposit fee. Additional testing is charged at a rate of $90 an hour, up to a limit of 6 hours. If further testing is required, we will contact you to discuss next steps.

  8. Custom Product (Test Product) refers to the first products created during testing and that require further analysis to ensure product meets specifications. These products are necessary for process refinement and are separate to the final saleable products.

  9. Estimates are based on a standard lead time of 3-4 weeks and starting only upon receiving of the sample material. In the event a customer requires testing & product sooner than 3-4 weeks, an expedited fee will be charged and the customer must specify a target deliverable date. This fee is 50% of the estimate total.


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