Orange ABS Block

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This category lumps all those items that don’t quite meet our standard size, tolerance, or quality requirements. All of these items are still very capable of being machined into whatever it is you desire! While most of the items are simply undersized, there are a few items that may have what we consider blemishes or minor defects. These may include:

Type Description Additional Information
Surface discoloration Surface may appear to be a slightly different color than the rest of the block. Can almost always be removed by skimming the surface with a mill.
Color Swirling Discoloration within the body of a part caused by improper color mixing. Doesn’t affect the integrity of the part, just the aesthetics. Color swirling can add pizazz if incorporated properly.
Surface blistering or rippling Small “bubbles” or ripples formed on the surface. Can almost always be removed by skimming the surface with a mill.
Small voids Small air pockets within the body of the item. Can cause small jogs in cutter if using mill to machine. Only visible if left on exterior of part.

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