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Polycarbonate Block – Clear

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Image for color reference only. Blocks are unpolished when shipped, but can be polished effectively using common polishing techniques.

All blocks are molded using our own unique proprietary color blending and molding technologies, manufacturing high-quality blocks with minimal to no internal stress. All blocks are machine grade and is therefore great for making models, prototypes, decorative art pieces, vases etc.

Plastiblock® plastic blocks are suitable for producing high quality parts using techniques such as fabrication, machining, heat gun shaping, bending, vacuum molding, and blow forming.

The properties of Polycarbonate make it useful for a wide range of applications including: signs, displays, windows including airplane windows and bulletproof windows, police riot shields, lenses like those in glasses, sunglasses, and cameras, beakers, test tubes, etc.

Tolerance (-0.100″ to + 0.100″)
PC (Polycarbonate) is thermoplastic material with high-impact strength, high modulus of elasticity, and good dimensional stability. It is a versatile, tough plastic used for a variety of applications. We offer it in clear which makes it an ideal material for certain structural applications that require visual translucency.

Please contact us for custom colors and orders over 25 blocks.
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Minimum order of $10.
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DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that Omachron Plastics Inc. shall not be held responsible for any damages caused by this product. All machinable plastics are sold for general machining purposes only. For more information, please see the “Terms and Conditions” found prior to purchase.

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